Samui Island

With an area of 247 km2, Samui ranks as Thailand's third largest island, but in terms of tourist appeal per square kilometer, it is probably number one. Most of its business is transacted within a few hundred metres of the seashore, while the interior retains its primitive fascination and importance for many of the 30,000 inhabitants who call Samui their home. Despite the influx of tourists, the original charm and character of this insular Thai homestead, visited by three of the country's kings, remain intact.

There are numerous cruise liners visiting the island each year, which have to drop anchor and transfer their passengers to the island by tender boats. The recommended anchorage area is in the vicinity of 1.5-2.0 NM from Na Thon jetty located on the northwestern side of the island.

No pilot is available for the area and the master of the vessel arriving at the island must find a proper position to drop anchor by himself, i.e., for vessels which transfer their passengers ashore should drop anchor at Na Thon jetty around position of Lat. 9-31.7N, 100-54.3 E.

Customs and immigration offices are located on the island.

Port facilities
- Bunkers are not available
- Fresh water is not available
- Provisions only local fresh food available.
- Ship maintenance and repair facilities not available

Erawan Marine Terminal

This terminal is owned and operated by Unocal Thailand Ltd. on behalf of itself and Mitsui Oil Exploration Co., Ltd. (MOECO) pursuant to the Joint Operating Agreement.

Terminal Location
Erawan Terminal is situated in the Central Gulf of Thailand, approx. 300 miles south of Bangkok. British Admiralty Charts No. 3963 & 3983.

- The terminal approach is through the Company's gas field restricted zone via two approach channels, one from the South and the other from the East.
- The Southern approach channel is 2 miles wide at its narrowest point based on a line between 8° 45' North 101° 30' East and 9° 04' North 101° 25' East.
- The Eastern approach channel is 2 miles wide at its narrowest point based on a line joining 9° 14.5' North 101° 35' East and 9° 09' North and 101° 32' East and 9° 04' North 101° 25' East.
- Currents in the area are predominately south easterly and seldom exceed 1 knot.

Terminal Co-ordinates
Lat. 09° 05' 35 North
Long. 101° 20' 47 East

The anchorage is an area of 1 mile radius centered on 9° 04' North, 101 25' East.

- Pilotage within the terminal area is compulsory, except when proceeding to anchor.
- A Company Mooring Master will board all vessels scheduled to occupy the loading berth. Masters of the vessels must ensure that they are familiar with, and strictly observe all regulations, paying particular regard to those covering safe operations and pollution of the sea.

Arrival of vessels
The terminal operates 24 hours daily throughout the year, subject to prevailing weather.

Vessel size restrictions
Vessels of a maximum length overall of 800 ft. and a minimum length such that 2 (two) of the terminal fenders will lay alongside the parallel body, may berth at the terminal.

All vessels must maintain their dead weight below 70,000 tons while at the terminal.

Shore leave
Shore leave for visiting vessel's personnel is not permitted.

Services and facilities
- Bunkers are not available
- There are no dry-docking or repair facilities available.

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