Phuket Port

The Port of Phuket is located on the Western Seaboard of Thailand in the Andaman Sea at position E434500 N864000. Access for vessels entering or leaving the port is via a 120 m. wide channel dredged to 9m. CD and some 1.5 km. in length. The quay is 360 m. long with a 30m. wide apron.

Length of Pier: 360 m.
Depth at quayside: 10 m. at LLW.
Depth in access channel: 9 m. at LLW.
Maximum LOA: 180 m.
Accommodation: 2 vessels
No shore crane  
Storage tanks for latex 1,700 metric tons

Port information

a) Position of pilot station 7° 48' 00" North, 98° 25' 30" East off Laem Panwa
b) Pilot is compulsory for vessel over 50.29 m. in length.
c) Vessels should contact pilot 3 hrs. before arrival on VHF channel 16 or Phuket radio on channel 16 with request to be
  connected to South Thailand Shipping Services Co., Ltd./Phuket Shipping Services Co., Ltd.
d) Vessels are only allowed to enter or leave the port during daylight hours.
e) Maximum size of vessel allowed to enter and berth at Phuket port:

- LOA 180m.

- Breadth 25m.

- Draft 8.4m

Vessel exceeding the above dimension would have to obtain special permit to enter and berth.
f) Use of tugboat(s) is compulsory as follows:

- Vessel over 76.19 m 1 tugboat

- Vessel over 137.15 m 2 tugboats

- However, it is the prerogative of the pilot to decide whether one or more tugboats are required.

However, it is the prerogative of the pilot to decide whether one or more tugboats are required.

g) Length of approach channel: 1 NM.

h) Width of channel 120m at bottom.
i) Diameter of turning basin 360m.
j) Draft of channel and turning basin 9m at LLW.
k) Length of wharf 360m (2 berths).
l) Width of wharf apron 46m.
m) Height above LLW 5m (maximum rise in tide 3m)
n) Draft alongside 10 m. at LLW.
o) Fresh water available, delivery rate 40-50 MT/hr from 4" hose.
p) MDO available for delivery by tank truck alongside
q) F.O. not available.
r) Outside crane of 36 MT capacity at 3m range can be hired.
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