Krabi Port

Krabi Province is on the western side of Thailand in the Andaman Sea.
Latitude 08° 04' N, Longitude 98° 44' E.

Local pilot available and will board with the agent at anchorage and advise master regarding maneuvering and berthing. At berth vessel uses port anchor with 3 shackles and must have good mooring ropes, minimum length 200 m. each 70 mm. Diameter.

British Admiralty Chart 3941, berth can be approached from southwest between islands of Koh Dok Mai and Koh Kai. Care must be taken of rock 6 ft. high (Him Hmusang), and the dangerous rock (P.D.) 1 mile N.N.W. of Him Hmusang. Coast and islands well defined on radar. It is best to approach in daytime due to the absence of any lights or navigational aids. The only light is east of Phuket (Ko Taphao Noi). The port can also be approached from South, keeping 2 miles to 3 miles east of Koh Kai and setting course 2.5 miles from Koh Ngang. The stockpile of gypsum is clearly visible from a distance of 6 miles. Approach is very picturesque.

Anchorage when awaiting berthing is about 1.5 miles west of the trestle berth.

Max. size
Depth alongside at low water is 13.0 - 14.0 m.

Bangkok Radio (HAS 4) used for contacting agents and charterers. VHF via Phuket Radio. Overseas calls can be made via Phuket Radio. Vessels are allowed to use ship's radio station while loading.

Not available

Vessel maneuvers to within 25 - 30 m. of the finger conveyor-loading spout, and first drops port anchor. Then 2 lines each are given to bow and stern buoys, also 2 each to port bow and starboard side to about 5 m. from the dolphin and spout. An extension conveyor is hung from the ship's crane to convey the gypsum into the hold. The vessel then shifts on mooring lines to bring the other holds under the spout. It is advisable to pre-plan loading so as to avoid unnecessary shifting.

All mooring lines are to have equal strain and are to be kept tight. The bow and stern lines prevent the vessel from getting too close to the loading spout and dolphin.

Vessel must arrive with full ballast, as the height from the waterline to the loading conveyor is 12.0 m.

Loading rate is approximately 300-400 tons per hour.

The vessel's cranes/derricks must be capable of lifting the extension conveyor (approximately 3 tons) and bulldozer (approximately 2 tons).

Fresh water
Not available

Not available

No facilities available

Possible through Bangkok

Shore Leave
Permitted. Nearest town is Krabi, distance 30 km., half the journey is on an uneven dirt road. Crews have to climb a vertical steel ladder fixed to one of the trestle supports of the conveyor.

An excellent beach, safe for swimming, lies very close to the moorings.

There is no need for special watchmen as only personnel required for loading board the vessel. There are about 10 persons on board at anytime.

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