Kantang Port

N 07° 25' E 99° 31'

Port Limits
Vessels anchored in the between Koh Talibing and Koh Liang Hnua are considered to be 'arrived ships'

Not compulsory. Due to shallow waters and absence of charts it is recommended to take the services of the local pilot, though he speaks only the Thai language. Pilotage distance is about 15 miles up the river. Pilot boards at the anchorage and takes the vessel up to Kantang. Pilot can do the berthing, but it is recommended that the Master does this himself.

There is no way of communicating with the port from the vessel. ETAs, etc. should be sent from the previous port by cable. On receipt of the ETA the local agents will arrange berthing, etc.

Not available

No large-scale chart is available. The only chart available is B.A. Chart No. 3942. Keep well clear of light Koh Liang and after passing Koh Liang Hnua on the starboard side, keep adequate from Koh Talibing and Koh Liang Hnua. Depth of water is about 10m. up to Koh Liang. Bearing 190° x 4 miles approx. is good for anchorage.

While going up and down river, there is a Customs check post at the mouth of the river and the vessel has to stop for the Customs check and to sign the register.

The maximum depth in the river at high water is about 5.5 m. at Springs and as low as 3.5 m. at Neaps.

The loading should be restricted as per the tidal conditions.

Berth is approximately 140m in length. Hand leadline sounding at berth indicated depths minimum 10 ft. and maximum 16.5 ft. at low water and minimum 16 ft. and maximum 22.5 ft. at high water.

While the vessel is being loaded, it sits on the bottom at low tide and again floats at high tide. The ground is soft sand. Since the vessel is not afloat at all times the cargo calculations and distribution should be accurate.

The main exports are cement in bags, fish meal and rubber in pellets which is mainly exported in LASH barges. The barges are loaded once a month. Generally half the wharf is occupied by LASH barges.

One oil berth is also available. Small tankers with about 4m draft can go alongside.

One mobile crane of 5-ton capacity is available; priority is given to loading LASH barges.

Fresh water
Available. Supplied by a small boat with a 4 tons capacity.

High-speed diesel is available. The price is very high.

Small repairs can be effected.


Cargo Gear
Supplied by the stevedores.

Trunk calls can be made from the main Telephone Exchange. Sometimes delays can be up to 1 hour, which considered normal.

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